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Company Introduction

  Tianjin PHONLY Electronic Co., Ltd. is the general agent of KEC Shanghai Co., Ltd. SAMWHA Electro-Mechanics Co., Ltd. and PINGCHANG Electronic Co., Ltd. in Tianjin. It is a special distributor in selling electronics components from global world-class companies. These products are widely used in some civil, industrial, and military areas which have different requirements for electronic products. We manage the company according to the international mode. Our company always think the requirement of our customers is the most important, and if we want to achieve success, we must supply the customers with best service. Our service is normative, efficient, flexible, and we deal with concrete matters relating to work. Through constantly realistic approach and blazing new trails, our company has contained proper strength and scale. The amount of business each year has reached 100 million RMB yuans. Our constant improvement and high responsibility build good reputations in our customers and have won a lot reliance and support. Thousands of our customers are widely located in China.
  Our company sells electronics components, including transistors, MOSFET and integrated circuit from KEC, aluminum electrolytic capacitors, chip aluminum electrolytic capacitors , ferrite cores from SAMWHA, PCTRONIX diodes, UTC junction field effect transistor, multiplayer ceramic capacitors, thick-film chip resistor from FENGHUA. In addition, we sell film capacitors, electric double layer capacitor, inductors, resonator, filter, relay etc.
  Our products are mainly used in communication, spaceflight, power supply management, safety and security products, energy meter, computer equipment, auto electronics, home electronics, medical instrument, electronics instrument, for each of which field, PHONLY stocks products on hand to ensure the continuance supplying for the clients.
  We hope to cooperate with the manufacturers of electronic products. Along with our continuous development, we will provide the best service and hope we can proceed together.